Living On A Boat In Portugal For Less Than € 1,000 A Month

The general perception of cruising or living on a boat (sailboat in our case) in Europe is: "too expensive to do". This was my perception as well. Especially based on my experience with chartering boats in the high season in the most buzzing areas like Croatia or Italy. Now we are living on our boat in Portugal and got quite a 

Naked Ikoko - Cockpit Enclosure Repairs

End of October 2014. We just got our re-fixed solar panel frame back, because our panels didn't fit the newly made one from summer. As it was a rainy day, we just dropped the panels in the frame and I thought I can glue them in the next day. No wind was predicted... well,

Beaches With Long Shadows

We did a beach tour of the Algarve West Coast yesterday. We had the most beautiful day with a crisp clear sky, little wind and almost T-Shirt weather. The buzzing coastline in the South from Lagos in the west, Portimao, Albufeira down to Faro and Olhao in the east

A Christmas Song - makes you feel it...

Christmas season has begun. I am usually not really into the whole thing with shopping and decorating. This year is different for some reason. I really love how  Stefanie has decorated our boat and for the first time  in many many years I enjoy sitting in our salon with  candles lit and all the Christmas smell.

Captain "Crash" - Must See Video

Stefanie found this video and we were sitting there watching in disbelief. I don't know if I should cry or laugh. Obviously you can see a lot of unbelievable boat handling action going on in marinas and in anchorages. We also have our fair share of experiences.