Captain "Crash" - Must See Video

Stefanie found this video and we were sitting there watching in disbelief. I don't know if I should cry or laugh. Obviously you can see a lot of unbelievable boat handling action going on in marinas and in anchorages. We also have our fair share of experiences.

Sailing/Cruising With Our Sea Dog Teddy

We never wanted a dog or even thought about it. Well... we kind of started thinking last year when we met a German couple on a sailboat in A Coruna, Spain with a fluffy boat dog. What a cutey. But our "thinking" was more along the lines of "we love dogs of other people

Winter Life On A Boat In Portugal

Winter has definitely arrived in Portimao now. It isn't that bad actually with temperatures in the low twenties (degrees Celsius), but it takes some time to heat up in the morning. But the wind and rain is not really to our liking. Just now it looks like it will be raining (on and off) for the next two weeks. What have we been up to the last two weeks?