Naked Ikoko - Cockpit Enclosure Repairs

End of October 2014. We just got our re-fixed solar panel frame back, because our panels didn't fit the newly made one from summer. As it was a rainy day, we just dropped the panels in the frame and I thought I can glue them in the next day. No wind was predicted... well,

Beaches With Long Shadows

We did a beach tour of the Algarve West Coast yesterday. We had the most beautiful day with a crisp clear sky, little wind and almost T-Shirt weather. The buzzing coastline in the South from Lagos in the west, Portimao, Albufeira down to Faro and Olhao in the east

A Christmas Song - makes you feel it...

Christmas season has begun. I am usually not really into the whole thing with shopping and decorating. This year is different for some reason. I really love how  Stefanie has decorated our boat and for the first time  in many many years I enjoy sitting in our salon with  candles lit and all the Christmas smell.

Captain "Crash" - Must See Video

Stefanie found this video and we were sitting there watching in disbelief. I don't know if I should cry or laugh. Obviously you can see a lot of unbelievable boat handling action going on in marinas and in anchorages. We also have our fair share of experiences.

Sailing/Cruising With Our Sea Dog Teddy

We never wanted a dog or even thought about it. Well... we kind of started thinking last year when we met a German couple on a sailboat in A Coruna, Spain with a fluffy boat dog. What a cutey. But our "thinking" was more along the lines of "we love dogs of other people